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SOOTHSAYER 1.1b released


Today we published a new release for our SOOTHSAYER self-hosted server focused on data management and stability.

It brings the VM up to date with the public service in terms of new features (Route analyis, Multipoint analysis, Mesh by visible, 3D fresnel) and fixes multiple user/data management issues identified through recent testing.

Thank you testers!!!

Software versions in October 2021 release

You can verify your versions from your administration dashboard.

keyholeradio: 1.1b
documentation: 1.4
chatbot: 2.2
sleipnir: 1.4.4
API: 2.3
ui: 2.2

Get the remote update

Login to the console with the account from your administration guide and type the command keyholeradio-update

Download the image

If you want to download a new VMware image contact support from your work email for the 9GB download link. You will need a SOOTHSAYER or KEYHOLE RADIO license to enable the software.

Evaluation licenses are available on request…

3D fresnel zone

SOOTHSAYER changelog

[1.1b 27/10/2021]
Added route analysis in UI
Added merge-by-visible in UI
Added multipoint analysis in UI
Added 3D fresnel zone in UI
Added database reset warning and confirmation
Added authorisation option for external 3D buildings source
Added Admin can change dashboard password
Added support for 1m LiDAR

Fixed legacy opacity tag removed from KML
Fixed remote tile server with global coverage via
Fixed database backup to host / outside VM
Fixed mesh radiocheck to limit parallelism on smaller machines
Fixed SOOTHSAYER bot location to middle of area of operations 
Fixed local map tiles so they no longer create bogus messages when clicked
Fixed custom WMS urls so they can now contain hyphens
Fixed API keys updated in admin dashboard to APIv2 convention
Fixed logging standardised for all services
Fixed even spacing for points along freehand routes & polylines
Fixed database reset now instant when requested
Fixed database integrity & permissions check with auto-repair 
Fixed TAK route analysis as a KMZ data package instead of CoT

[1.0.4b 14/10/2021]
Added clear warning dialog to database reset
Changed database reset to table truncate instead of full factory reset which is in manage_db
manage_db utility now exports to shared data folder for backups
Fixed bug in factory reset which stopped a clean db install
Fixed issue in users table editor where password asterisks were hidden
Fixed issue in users table editor where updated column was not tracking edit times
Fixed issue in users table editor where ATAK UID could not be reset. Can now use #
Factory database reset no longer requires a restart


Added checks during startup and update to ensure 'data' directory is writable.
Added keyholeradio version to admin dashboard.
Added changelog.txt and relevant permission settings during startup.

Fixed issue where banner displayed incorrect WMS URL.
Fixed issue where a user's 'atakuid' failed to update when done manually.
Fixed issue where bot would fail to auth due to NULL value in 'atakuid'.
Fixed issue where no users existed if additionally seats added. New users created upon loading of admin dashboard.