Radio planning today.

CloudRF is accessible RF planning software designed for operators and engineers.


User-friendly interfaces designed for busy humans with options for most radio technologies from HF to SATCOM.

Cross-platform functionality with tips and videos to help you plan your network today, not next week.


We regularly field test our models and data to ensure they’re as accurate as possible and have drive testing tools to calibrate environments.

When tuned, we are below 5dB modelling error.

Speed and economy

Our CPU and Nvidia GPU engines are the fastest, and most economical, on the web and support 1m LiDAR and soft clutter. We’re faster and you don’t need an expensive computer. Just a browser.

We include global soft buildings and configurable clutter in all our plans with a clear price which we are proud to publish.

Ready now.

Our global DTM and DSM terrain data, 10m land cover and 2m buildings are ready now. Save yourself hours of mission preparation. We can add LiDAR by request for maximum precision.

This is why we’re used globally for fire-fighting, search and rescue, events, security operations and disaster management.

Mountain rescue

The wireless coverage API

Since 2012, we’ve perfected our API for RF propagation.

Today we serve customers worldwide, including some of the biggest names in telecommunications, enterprise IT and transportation.

Our API was chosen by the GSMA to model every cellular network in Africa and we were used to plan the world’s largest private 5G-SA network at the King’s Coronation.

We’re integrated with smart farms, network maps, drones, balloons, cows, bracelets, scanners, spectrum analyzers, aircraft, ships, CRM systems, databases, vehicle tracking APIs, robots and smart radios.

Tunnels, stairs, reflections

We have a unique open standards 3D API capable of modelling the hardest problems like tunnels, stairs, reflections and fast fading.

You can task the powerful API direct from Blender with our free plugin or direct from the command line.

An interactive gallery of 3D API outputs is here.


Start RF coverage planning today

Test for free below 1GHz. Video tutorials are on Youtube and the documentation is here.


ATAK ready


Our free ATAK plugin allows you to operate our API from your phone. This powerful tactical RF planning capability abstracts the complexity of radio engineering into templates.

We’re big believers in the TAK ecosystem which is why we sponsor one of the most popular TAK server Docker builds on Github and have open sourced our plugin for the benefit of the community.