CloudRF was developed to offer professional radio planning capabilities to busy individuals and organisations who need to plan networks now not next week. It's built from experience in the field so you get the key information you need in open formats like KML you can use and share.
It offers most of the features of premium desktop software, only on mobile and web interfaces and with a few key advantages...

  • No installation - everything is server based
  • No laborious setup of reference data - everything is ready
  • No expensive licence purchase - uses open source software
  • Free for macro calculations under 10km
  • Clean and intuitive interfaces - simple and to the point
  • No expensive training course necessary. Lessons are free on youtube


The service is powered by dedicated high performance servers running open source planning software. All calculations take place on the servers and completed layers are stored afterwards for recovery by users or can be linked in to blogs or projects.


CloudRF uses a mixture of open and non-open source software, separated by intermediate protocols. The source code for the open source packages can be viewed and copied where available or at https://github.com/Cloud-RF/Signal-Server.