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3D Buildings

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The service has a substantial amount of 3D buildings globally which you can include within modelling as clutter.

A 3D building differs to a LiDAR surface model in that it allows a signal to pass through it with a configurable level of attenuation. The level of attenuation is measured in decibels per metre (dB/m) and is based upon composite building materials with cavities / rooms.

For example, a European brick house 10m deep with two brick walls and two internal walls may have a material attenuation of 8+8+4+4 = 24dB at 1GHz. Distributed across the depth of the property this is an average of 2.4dB/m.

The API will let you define attenuation with the mat parameter which accepts an attenuation value from 0 to 10.0dB.

The images below show the effect of applying different attenuation attributes to the same buildings for a coverage plot with the same parameters.

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