ATAK RF Heatmap


SOOTHSAYERTM is a scalable, vendor agnostic, RF planning server for private networks.

This unique edge capability empowers radio planners and radio operators alike to make better decisions, faster with a minimal training burden and interfaces designed by operators.

With a unique TAK chatbot, a mature OpenAPI and open standards for outputs, you can add RF planning and situational awareness as a capability on top of the TAK ecosystem with the addition of the powerful CloudRF API upon which SOOTHSAYER is built. Works with the official TAK server, ATAK +4.3 and WinTAK without a plugin.

  • Private RF planning API
  • WMS caching tile server
  • Certificate based integration with official TPC TAK server
  • Cross platform browser interfaces for mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Google Earth interface
  • ATAK and WinTAK interfaces (no plugin)
  • BYO LiDAR / DSM as GeoTIFF, WGS84 projection
  • BYO/DIY clutter as GeoJSON or KML
  • Vendor agnostic. Works for any terrestrial radio above 2MHz
  • TAK functions for Link, Area, Route analysis, Network check, Network follow, Best Site Analysis
  • Options for hosting and turnkey hardware builds
  • CPU and GPU engines

Best Site Analysis

SOOTHSAYER’s most powerful feature is it’s GPU accelerated Best Site Analysis tool which can study an area to recommend the best sites for a transmitter or a receiver based upon physics. Locations are scored based on relative path loss to other areas so height is not always the obvious answer.

Best Site Analysis highlighting good and bad sites in an industrial zone
SOOTHSAYER install with GPU pass through
Adding 1m custom LiDAR for use with the GPU engine

More information

SOOTHSAYER is available in Europe from and the US through Fenix Group Inc

An evaluation VM and/or quote is available upon request.

For more information contact