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SOOTHSAYERTM is a scalable, self-hosted, RF planning service for Operators and Engineers

Cross platform interfaces, including TAK, with an open API and operator templates

Service architecture with support for multiple users and Active Directory authentication

ITU models, multi-obstacle diffraction, support for LiDAR and fully configurable clutter

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ATAK plugin

SOOTHSAYER works with our powerful and unique, open source ATAK plugin.

Hardware requirements

SOOTHSAYER is a virtual machine which requires a hypervisor to run. To use the advanced GPU features, an Nvidia GPU which can be passed through to a virtual machine must be available. Not all hypervisors support GPU pass-through so please check if unsure. We have video tutorials for Linux GPU preparation available upon request.

Hypervisor: KVM, VMware VSphere/ESXi 6,7,8, Azure, Proxmox (Recommended Proxmox for GTX GPU support)

CPU: 8 x 2GHz CPU

Memory: 8GB

Disk: 15GB (System) and 500GB (Data)

GPU: NVIDIA card with at least 4GB memory: A2000, GeForce 20, 30, 40 series. Enterprise (T4) and domestic cards supported (Recommended A2000 6GB).

Pricing and options

SOOTHSAYER is available as both an on-premises Virtual Machine and a Docker container. Hosted instances in the US and EU and AWS images are also available. The software is sold as either an annual or perpetual license with options for extra seats. A seat is defined as an active user and by design, many network users can share a limited pool of seats.

Pre-built servers

We can build a server to order and ship it to you.

For small teams we recommend the HP G9 Z2 mini desktop. With a A2000 6GB GPU and a powerful i7 CPU. This compact little server performed extremely well on recent hardware benchmarking.

Hardware requirements

Minimal: VMware player with 4 CPU, 4GB memory and no GPU

Laptop: Dell laptop with intel i7 CPU with RTX3050 GPU running Ubuntu desktop with KVM

Compact desktop (1-4 users): Intel i7 desktop with Proxmox and a A2000 GPU

Enterprise 1 (10 users): AMD EPYC server with Proxmox and a RTX3000 series GPU

Enterprise 2 (100 users): Intel Xeon server with VSphere 8 and Tesla T4 GPU

More information

SOOTHSAYER is available from and in the US through Fenix Group Inc

An SOOTHSAYER demo, evaluation VM or a quote is available upon request.

For more information contact from your official email.