3D interface

Key Features

  • Works on mobile, tablet, desktop interfaces
  • Browser based – Any operating system
  • 3D terrain and view
  • Choose from different imagery and mapping layers or BYO
  • GPU accelerated

Reference Data

  • Global 3D buildings at 2m resolution
  • Global landcover at 10m resolution
  • Global terrain data at 30m resolution
  • LiDAR data for select countries and cities at 2-5m resolution
  • Antenna pattern database with thousands of manufacturers’ patterns
  • User defined clutter profiles with variable attenuation
  • User defined colour schemas

Analysis Functions

  • Area coverage / Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) out to 500km
  • Path profile / Point-to-Point (PtP)
  • Best server / Coverage checker
  • MANET network planner (links and coverage)
  • Satellite LOS tool
  • Satellite route planner
  • Automatic CSV processing
  • Network super layer / Mesh sites
  • CSV import for coverage analysis
  • CSV drive test calibration tool
  • KML import for MANET planning and best site analysis
  • Signal value, distance and heading on cursor hover
  • Dynamic ERP & EIRP calculation
  • Dynamic feeder loss / efficiency calculation
  • Custom antenna pattern tool & real-time polar-plot generation
  • Address lookup


  • Location as Decimal degrees, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, NATO MGRS
  • Height(s) as metres or feet
  • Frequency, Power, Bandwidth
  • Feeder type, length and connectors
  • Antenna and configuration (Polarisation, Azimuth, down-tilt)
  • Custom antenna parameters (Beamwidth(s), gain, front-to-back ratio)
  • Receiver height, gain and sensitivity
  • Measure coverage as dB (Path loss), dBm, dBuV/m or dB (SNR)
  • ITU, NTIA and public domain propagation models
  • Model reliability and context (Dense, Mixed, open)
  • Additional knife-edge-diffraction
  • Elevation options for DTM or DSM, both with and without clutter layers
  • Configurable clutter attenuation in dB/m
  • Resolution 1-180m
  • Colour schema (System or custom)
  • Radius up to 500km
  • Save all settings to a JSON template


You can find the 3D interface documentation here.


Access to the interface requires a Cloud-RF account and at least a free plan.