SOOTHSAYERTM is a scalable, vendor agnostic, RF planning server for private networks. Internet access optional.

This unique edge capability empowers radio planners and radio operators alike to make better decisions, faster with a minimal training burden and interfaces designed by operators.

With a unique TAK server interface and an ATAK plugin powered a mature API, you can add RF planning and situational awareness as a capability on top of the TAK ecosystem.

  • Private RF planning API
  • WMS caching tile server
  • Certificate based integration with OG TAK server
  • Cross platform browser interfaces for mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Google Earth interface
  • ATAK and WinTAK interfaces (no plugin)
  • BYO LiDAR / DSM as GeoTIFF, WGS84 projection
  • BYO/DIY clutter as GeoJSON or KML
  • Vendor agnostic. Works for any terrestrial radio above 2MHz
  • TAK server interface with functions for Link, Area, Route analysis, Network check, Network follow, Best Site Analysis
  • ATAK plugin with functions for Area and Multisite (MANET)
  • Options for hosting and turnkey hardware builds
  • CPU and Nvidia GPU engines

ATAK plugin

SOOTHSAYER works with our powerful ATAK plugin.

Hardware requirements

SOOTHSAYER is a virtual machine which requires a hypervisor to run. To use the advanced GPU features, an Nvidia GPU which can be passed through to a virtual machine must be available. Not all hypervisors support GPU pass-through so please check if unsure. We have video tutorials for Linux GPU preparation available upon request.

Hypervisor: KVM, VMware VSphere / ESXi, Azure, Proxmox (Recommended Proxmox)

CPU: 4 x 2GHz CPU (Recommended 8)

Memory: 4GB (Recommended 8GB)

Disk: 15GB (Recommended 300GB with SMB data share)

GPU: NVIDIA card with at least 6GB memory: A2000, GeForce 20, 30, 40 series. Enterprise and domestic cards supported (Recommended A2000 6GB).


Deployment options

Minimal: VMware player with 4 CPU, 4GB memory and no GPU

Laptop: Dell laptop with intel i7 CPU with RTX3050 GPU running Ubuntu desktop with KVM

Mid range: Intel Xeon server with A2000 6GB GPU

Enterprise: AMD EPYC 32C with RTX3090 24GB GPU running Proxmox

More information

SOOTHSAYER is available in Europe from and the US through Fenix Group Inc

An evaluation VM and/or quote is available upon request.

For more information contact