ATAK plugin

Our free ATAK plugin lets you conduct rapid, accurate RF planning using CloudRF radio templates.

It requires either a CloudRF account or a SOOTHSAYER server with a network connection to function.

  • Links
  • Area coverage
  • Multisite coverage (GPU)

Demo (v1.1)

APK downloads

These are TAK Product Center signed APK files which you can install direct into ATAK from ATAK’s plugin manager.

Latest release: 1.3.2 – 9th May 2024

Check out the releases page on Github for more.


Source code

The code is MIT licensed so you can use it, fork it and build it for special ATAK flavours. If you add features and fix bugs, we’ll give you credits for CloudRF:

Improve it

Request features or report bugs on the issues board:

Issues board