We have ‘buy now’ and subscription based plans for all budgets and on-demand credits too for infrequent use.
Sub-GHz Bronze Silver Gold
3D web, Google Earth™ and mobile interfaces
No software to install. Signup and go.
Global 30m terrain data
Global 2m buildings and LiDAR (subject to availability)
Do-it-yourself 9-band clutter 3 items 30 items 3000 items
Clutter file upload (GeoJSON & KML)
Antenna pattern database (+26k)
Email support and tickets
Process a +500 row spreadsheet through the API while you do something else
Frequency 20MHz to 1000MHz
Frequency 1GHz to 100GHz
Cellular / 60 Miles
Broadcasting / 180 Miles
Path profile / Ptp
Area coverage / Ptmp
Best server checker
Best site analysis
Antenna upload
Mesh sites into super-layer 3 10 100 1000
Export data (for free) as
Priority support
API limits
API calls per month 100 500 5000 50,000
Resolution, Mega-pixels 2.0 5.0 6.0 7.0


What payments do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, bank transfers for annual renewals, company purchase orders and also Paypal.

What’s the difference between buy now and subscribe?

A ‘buy now’ plan is a one-off purchase. A subscription is a recurring subscription for which you will be billed until you cancel. There is no minimum signup period.

How do I buy access for 3 months or a year?

Pick your plan and set the monthly quantity to 3, 12, or whatever you need, at the checkout.

What if I only use this once or twice? Do you do credits?

We sell credits for on-demand planning without an expiry. Credit features are mapped to a silver plan but you don’t get as many (1000). Buy credits

Where is the LiDAR coverage?

We’ve added LiDAR for lots of cities (NYC,LA,SF,Berlin,Sydney,Christchurch,Bhutan..) and even whole countries (England & Wales, Estonia). Check coverage on the map here. If you want LiDAR adding please complete this form. Depending on the licence, a charge may apply. You don’t need LiDAR however to do high resolution urban planning. See below for 3D buildings…

What 3D building data do you have?

We have good coverage in Europe and the US to 2m accuracy and OK coverage for the rest of the world. The buildings update regularly and we’re soon adding a feature to let you draw your own where there aren’t any.

What data protection measures do you have?

Your data is stored on dedicated servers in secure data centres in the EU (Germany & Finland). Our GDPR compliant hosting provider has UPS (N+1 redundant) and power from two separate routes. The service does not associate personally identifiable information with your API data / calculations by design. The shop is hosted in another GDPR compliant data centre for security. Please contact for further information.

We’re a charity / NGO, can you help?

Contact us from a charity email and we’ll be happy to support a good cause. If your communications charity is actually R&D for a tech giant this does not qualify.


  • Global terrain data is guaranteed up to 60 degrees north with additional data for Alaska, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard islands
  • LiDAR data is limited to select cities and countries. You are advised to check the map or contact support
  • 3D building coverage is biased to cities and large towns in Europe and the US. Coverage in other areas may vary