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Free Bronze Silver Gold Credits
System testing
Small networks,
Medium networks,
Large networks & M2M,
Whitelabel apps
Emergency services,
Adhoc use
API calls100100010,000100,0001000
CPU cores24686
Storage25MB / 90 days1GB / 1 year(s)5GB / 2 years20GB / 2 years5GB / 2 years
Frequencies30MHz – 1GHz30MHz – 100GHz30MHz – 100GHz30MHz – 100GHz30MHz – 100GHz
Max Radius6Mi60Mi180Mi180Mi180Mi
Support SLAN/A48 hours24 hours12 hours24 hours
Super layer5 sites10 sites100 sites1000 sites100 sites
Price / monthFree$20$50$200$39
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Included with all plans…

  • Area coverage / PtMp
  • Point-to-point / Ptp
  • Best server
  • Network mesh
  • No coverage map limit
  • api.cloudrf.com
  • Mobile web interface
  • Google Earth interface
  • Android app
  • Phones, tablets, desktops
  • Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Clients in Python, HTML, JS, curl
  • Searchable archive
  • KMZ download
  • GTIF download
  • SHP download
  • Secure sharing link
  • HTML embed code
  • JSON path loss data
  • PNG with bounds
  • Obstruction location(s)
  • dB, dBm, dBuV/m, BER
  • We respect your data and won’t abuse it for marketing
  • We don’t send marketing emails or work with people who do
  • Client data is stored securely in the EU under strict data protection law


  • High resolution LiDAR data is subject to availability. Coverage can be checked here and new data is added regularly by request.
  • All plans are subject to the fair use policy detailed in the terms and conditions
  • If we don’t respond to your query in the stated SLA time you will be eligible for a refund.