Silver plan

£ 80.00(Approx. $ 101.65)

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One month’s access. No minimum term.
Designed for moderate to heavy use by business customers. This plan offers the full range of interfaces and high performance for the rapid processing of large datasets. With 3D buildings automatically included and LiDAR support, you can conduct detailed urban and rural studies out to a 180 Mile radius.

Audience Businesses
API calls 5,000
Data storage 2.5GB, 2 years
Max radius 300km / 180Mi
Frequencies 2MHz to 90GHz
Support SLA 48 hours
Mesh layers 100 sites
LiDAR Up to 2m available (Subject to availability)
Buildings clutter data Worldwide

Additional information

API calls

500, 1000, 5000

Data storage

2.5GB / 2 years




100km, 300km


2.5GB, 250MB, 500MB


10, 100

Support SLA

24hrs, 48hrs

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