Frequently Asked Questions

Intel UHD graphics and Chrome

Problem: Display is broken with visible artifacts when dragging the cursor across the map. This is caused by an incompatibility between Intel UHD graphics and Google Chrome

Solution: Open Chrome’s settings by entering this into the address bar: chrome://settings/system then navigate to ‘System’ and select “Use hardware acceleration when available” then restart Chrome.

Alternatively, you may want to update your intel GPU driver with a trusted driver from

My subscription didn’t renew

A subscription can auto-renew or be set to manual renewal. If you expected it to renew and it did not, or you are having difficulty with a payment link follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account (subscription links need a session to function)
  2. From the “My account page” click “My subscription” on the right
  3. Slide the “Auto renew” slider (Figure 1.) to enable it if it is disabled (a failed payment for example can reset this)
  4. Click the “renew now” button (figure 2.) to charge your card via our payment gateway