Frequently Asked Questions

Intel UHD graphics and Chrome

Problem: Display is broken with visible artifacts when dragging the cursor across the map. This is caused by an incompatibility between Intel UHD graphics and Google Chrome

Solution: Open Chrome’s settings by entering this into the address bar: chrome://settings/system then navigate to ‘System’ and select “Use hardware acceleration when available” then restart Chrome.

Alternatively, you may want to update your intel GPU driver with a trusted driver from

Replace a credit or debit card

To replace your credit or debit card for a subscription follow these steps:

1. Login to my-account

2. Click payment methods on the menu

3. Click Add payment method and enter your card details.

4. Click Add payment method

5. Remove your old method – this is very important!

If your order failed, you can retry to pay for it using your saved method. We can also try on your behalf if you message us using your saved card token.

FCC filing information

The FCC requires data about the models used in the following format. For a 5GHz WISP for example, we recommend the following settings should be used and shared with the FCC:

FCC FieldValueComment
model_idITM 1.3NTIA Irregular Terrain Model
tool_nameCloudRF APIThe API for RF
tool_developerCloudRFThe API for RF
terrain_sourceJAXAALOS30 DEM. Japanese Space Agency
terrain_resolution30Meters at the equator
clutter_sourceESA Worldcover
clutter_resolution10Meters at the equator
calibration_flag1Recent vendor calibration:
calibration_process22km walk test in difficult terrain followed by automated coverage analysis using CSV data