Plans and pricing

Units FreeBasicExpertEnterprise
Global baseline data accuracy90m30m30m30m
Maximum layer resolution, Mega-pixels
10MP = 10km radius @ 6m resolution
10MP = 100km radius @ 63m resolution
10MP = 300km radius @ 190m resolution








LIDAR high resolution data *1m*1m*
API calls / Calculations per month100100010,000100,000
Engine cores (speed)2468
Data storage and retention25MB
90 days only
1 year
2 years
2 years
Minimum interval between calculations8s4s2s1s
Maximum radius (PtMP)10km100km300km300km
Frequency range 30MHz (VHF) to 100GHz (EHF)VHF to UHF 1GHz
Support SLA (Response in hours) +482412
Best server check
Export to KMZ
Export to SHP/GTIFF
Mesh sites into super-layer 10 100 1000
Propagation models10101010
Price (pay in advance, no minimum term)Free£8£23£230
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Included models (all plans)

Propagation ModelFrequency Range
COST231 Hata0.15 to 2GHz
ECC33 (ITU P.529)0.15 to 3.5GHz
Egli VHF/UHF30 to 1500MHz
Ericsson 99990.15 to 1.9GHz
Free space path loss (ITU P.525)Any
ITM (Longley-Rice)< 20GHz
ITWOM 3.0< 20GHz
Okumura Hata0.15 to 1.5GHz
SUI WiMax1.9 to 11GHz
  • HTML5 web interface and Google earth KML layer 'Keyhole Radio™'
  • HTTP/JSON API for batch processing
  • Searchable archive with embed code, KMZ download and public URL links
  • Link Analysis (Ptp) with fresnel zone and text report
  • Area Coverage (Ptmp) with omni-directional and directional patterns
  • 3D Antenna patterns - upload and use
  • Privacy - We don't share your details or your data
  • Security - We protect your data in transit and at rest

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* High resolution LIDAR data is subject to availability (eg. UK is covered at 2m). Coverage can be checked here and new LIDAR tiles are added regularly.
+ If we don't respond to your query in this time we will refund you.