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Creating Your First Network

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A Network is a number of site calculations all grouped together. Networks are important as they are used in several powerful analysis tools within the Cloud-RF platform.

Creating a Network is as simple as adding the same exact Network label to two or more site calculations. So the process is going to be identical to performing numerous site calculations with one additional step – naming the Network.

  • Assigning a Network Name to the Calculation
  • Performing Site Calculations
  • Viewing Your Networks

Assigning a Network Name to the Calculation

Open the Site / Tx Transmitter panel [1], and enter an accurate Network name in the field provided [2]. Remember, this Network name must be identical to the Network name used before with prior calculations. Any difference at all in the Network name is going to assign the current calculation to a whole new Network.

Performing Site Calculations

You can read more about performing your very first site calculation here. In general, you’ll simply open each primary panel in turn (Transmitter, Antenna, Receiver, Model, and Output) and change your settings to suit your use case. Click on the Calculate button to add the calculation to the Network that you have named in the step above. Your new site calculation will be automatically stored in your Calculation Archive.

Viewing your Networks

We’ll cover the process of viewing Networks in greater detail in this support article. But in short, you can pull up the Calculation Archive [1] at the top of the screen then click on the My Networks drop-down menu [2] and select one of your networks [3] to filter the site calculations in the archive [4]:

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