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The Application Programming Interface offers on demand RF modelling for your system.

Crunch a spreadsheet on windows…

See here for a guide to processing a spreadsheet on windows with the API

..Or model the whole of Africa

A notable example of API use is the GSMA’s Mobile coverage maps for Africa which was produced using just a Python client script and post-processing of Shapefiles in a GIS package.

Get the code:

The API reference and generic code examples are available on the Postman network at

API 2.0

Launched 21st June 2021. Uses a JSON body for human readable requests and puts authentication into the header.

API 1.0

Deprecated on 21st June 2021. Uses a basic form key=value schema for minimal programming.

Examples in various languages are available on Github.

Windows CSV

Example integration

Helium Vision uses the Cloud-RF API to model area and multipoint links for LoRa LPWAN. They integrated via Javascript so only require basic hosting to perform powerful simulations.

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