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I can’t find my pattern in the list

A pattern list must be created before you can choose them as there are now tens of thousands of patterns in the system. To create a list click the archive icon next to the pattern select box and it will take you to the antenna patterns interface. Here you can click find patterns from OEMs and click the heart next to your favourites to create a personal list. Back in the interface you will need to click the refresh button next to the archive icon to repopulate your list.

How do I make an ADF pattern

Copying an example file is the quickest way. The metadata in the header is fairly self-explanatory with key fields being the MDGAIN (Mid level gain) and the gain values as either dBd or dBi.

Each plane should have 360 rows of pattern data.

How can I upload a pattern from my old software

Get it into a data rich standard like ADF. Scripts exist to convert EDX (.pat) and Radio Mobile (.ant) patterns but you are strongly encouraged to use ADF / NSMA where possible. Most OEMs offer this now instead of a dozen different proprietary formats.

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