Clutter describes obstacles which will impede a signal’s path. For RF planning purposes this can be trees and buildings. As trees and buildings vary greatly in density we need different types.

Cloud-RF has 9 clutter bands to improve the accuracy of your planning with attenuation levels aligned with ITU-R P.833-7 for vegetation losses.

TypeNameNominal attenuation dB/m
1Trees –0.25
2Trees +0.5
3Timber –1.0
4Timber +1.5
5Brick – 1.5
6Brick +2.0
7Concrete –3.0
8Concrete +4.0


LiDAR data is the highest accuracy data available and is available for many cities at 2m resolution. Check the coverage map to see if you are covered. It’s a surface raster so is not permeable like the custom clutter but is very useful for line of sight analysis as even trees and bushes are represented.