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HTTP coverage API

Use any programming language to send a HTTP POST or GET request to the API located at /API/api.php
You can find a Python example here
Authentication is performed for each request using the 'uid' and 'key' fields. Your secret key is a SHA1 cryptographic hash of your CloudRF password.
Parameter Value Description Type
aeg Tx Antenna gain (dBi), Used with RF power value 'txw' to calculate Tx ERP. Also used for custom antenna patterns if fbr, hbw and vbw are set double
ant Antenna pattern ID. Use 0 for custom pattern using fbr,hbw,vbw. Dipole= 38, Isotropic=107. integer
azi Antenna azimuth / direction in degrees. Orientated to grid north. integer
bw Bandwidth (MHz). Default 0.1 (100KHz). Narrowband signals have a greater range than wideband signals which have greater capacity. 0.1,1,5,10,20,40 double
ber Bit Error Rate (BER). 0 = 0.01 (60% reliability), 1 = 0.001 (70%), 2 = 1E-04 (80%), 3 = 1E-05 (90%), 4 = 1E-06 (100%) integer
blue Custom blue Rx threshold, used only when custom colour schema selected. dB range: 0 to 250, dBm range: 0 to -200, dBuV range: 0 to 120 integer
clh Random clutter height. Increase surrounding terrain to simulate buildings/trees. Metric/Imperial is determined by value of 'du'. Max: 1000 integer
cli Radio Climate code. 1: Equatorial, 2: Continental Subtropical, 3: Maritime Subtropical,4: Desert,5: Continental Temperate,6: Maritime Temperate (land) integer
cll Enable MODIS landcover clutter. 1 is ON, 0 is OFF integer
clm Enable personal clutter (Must have already been uploaded as a .KML). 0 is disable, 1 is enable integer
col Colour schema. 1=Cellular 5 bars, 2=Reds, 3=Greens, 4=Blues, 5=Microwave, 6=Traffic light, 7=Custom RGB (Used with red,green,blue parameters), 8=Automatic by frequency range, 9=Greyscale, 10=Rainbow, 11=Green Blue Red, 12=Nikola integer
dbm Receiver sensitivity in either dB,dBm or dBuV. The type is specified by the 'type' field. dB range: 0 to 250, dBm range: 0 to -200, dBuV range: 0 to 120 integer
dis Distance units. 'm' for METRIC, 'f' for IMPERIAL. This applies to the radius, transmitter height, receiver height and clutter height. string
fbr Antenna front to back gain ratio. 0 to +50 dB integer
fmt Output format. 1=HTML hyperlink, 2=CSV URL w/bounds eg. File.png,North,East,South,West, 3=Pipe delimited. UserID|Filename|Time|North|East|South|West|x, 4=Full KMZ URL eg., 6=CSV KMZ URL and calculation ID integer
frq Frequency in Megahertz. Acceptable range: 20 to 100,000 double
green Custom colour schema - Green Rx threshold. Range will depend upon type of 'out'. dB range: 0 to 250, dBm range: 0 to -200, dBuV range: 0 to 120 integer
gry Greyscale background for output. WARNING: Increases file-size and latency. 0=Transparent background, 1=Grey-scale integer
hbw Horizontal (H plane) antenna beamwidth in degrees. 0-359 integer
ked Custom Knife Edge Diffraction for HATA and COST models. Effect increases proportionately with obstacle angle (from Rx) and frequency. 0=No diffraction (Native model), 1=Diffraction enabled integer
key Security token for user authentication. SHA1 encrypted hash of the user's password. string
lat Latitude in decimal degrees. Range: -70 to 80. double
lid LIDAR toggle. Setting to 1 would cause 'res' to be ignored and a LIDAR tile to be used, if available in the system. If not available an error will be generated. integer
lon Longitude in decimal degrees. Range: -180 to 180 double
mod Modulation mode. Used only in Bit Error Rate (BER) mode. 0 = None (Default), 1 = QPSK, 2 = 4PAM, 3 = 16PSK, 4 = 64QAM, 5 = 32PSK integer
nam Calculation's friendly name. Up to 50 characters. Tip: Use underscores to represent spaces because spaces will get trimmed. Names which fail validation will be replaced with an auto generated name. string
net Calculation's parent network name. Up to 25 characters. Tip: Use this for when you want to mesh them together later on. string
nf Noise floor (dBm). Used only in Bit Error Rate (BER) receiver threshold mode to calculate SNR. -115 to -140 dBm integer
opy Overlay transparency %. Determines the alpha level of the PNG image. Must be between 0 (Opaque) and 100 (transparent). integer
out Receiver sensitivity units. This is linked with 'dbm'. 1: dB, 2: dBm (default), 3:dBuV, 4: BER (see 'mod' variable) integer
pe Propagation model variant (Applies to Hata, COST, ECC33 & SUI only). 1 = City / Urban, 2 = Suburban / Average, 3 = Rural / open integer
pm Propagation model. 1 = Irregular Terrain Model (ITM / Longley Rice), 2 = Line of sight, 3 = Okumura-Hata (150-1500MHz), 4 = ECC33 (150-3500MHz), 5 = SUI (1900-11000MHz), 6 = COST231-Hata (1500-2000MHz), 7 = Free space path Loss (0.15-100GHz), 8 = ITWOM (0.02-100GHz), 9 = Ericsson (0.15-11GHz) integer
pol Antenna polarisation. Either 'h' for Horizontal or 'v' for Vertical. string
rad Radius in kilometres OR miles. The metric or imperial type is determined by the value of 'dis'. Maximum range: 1-500km for expert plan. integer
red Custom colour schema - Red Rx threshold. Range will depend upon value of 'out', dB range: 0 to 250, dBm range: 0 to -200, dBµV range: 0 to 120 integer
res Output resolution in metres. Range is 1 to 180. Anything less than 30 is considered high resolution and will incur extra restrictions based upon DEM coverage. The world is covered with 90 metre SRTM DEM so use this if unsure. integer
rxg Receiver gain in dBi, Range 0 to 30, If present, it will be added to Tx gain to produce a link gain. integer
rxh Receiver height in either metres or feet. Metric/Imperial is determined by value of 'du'. Max: 20,000 integer
ter Terrain conductivity. Dielectric constant. Range: 0 to 26. Concrete city = 4, Farmland = 15, Marsh = 20, Sea water = 26 integer
tlt Antenna elevation angle relative to horizon (0 degrees) where positive is towards the earth (down). Range: -90 to +90. integer
txh Transmitter height in either metres or feet. Metric/Imperial is determined by value of 'dis'. Max: 20,000 m/f integer
txw Transmitter power in Watts (Tx RF) before antenna gain. Used in conjunction with Tx Antenna gain 'aeg' to compute Effective Radiated Power (ERP). Range 0.01W to 1,000,000W integer
uid Unique CloudRF user identification number (UID). All calculations are attributable and billable, to this account and will be saved under this UIDs private folder. Used with 'key' integer
vbw Vertical (E plane) antenna beamwidth in degrees. 0-180 for use with custom antenna patterns integer

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