Terrain data

This service uses a variety of digital elevation models (DEM) with global coverage and accuracy ranging from 90 to 1 metres. Global coverage is provided by Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, version 2, data from NASA. It was created in 2000 and has a resolution of either 30m or 90m. Most of the world's landmass (99%) is covered between -60 and +60 degrees as standard. For high latitude regions such as Scandanavia, Northern Canada, Greenland and Iceland, extra tiles have been added courtesy of Jonathan de Ferranti at viewfinderpanoramas.org.

For Europe and the US, high resolution 30m SRTM data from NASA is used.
As well as radar mapped DEM we also support Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data mapped from aircraft. This highly accurate and more current data not only maps out the terrain to sub 1 metre accuracy but it also accounts for ground clutter such as buildings and trees. We've got LIDAR data for England and Wales courtesy of the Environment Agency and are happy to upload public or private LIDAR tiles on request.

Coverage map

Green is 90m, red is 30m. Click an area like England to check LIDAR coverage.