Documentation Changelog


  • Feature: Added details about deleting all clutter.

  • Fix: Broken GitHub links on API introduction.


  • Fix: Blank PDF caused by broken “micro-” symbol.

  • Fix: RADAR missing for list of propagation models.

  • Fix: Swagger document for API 3.9 is incorrectly named as 3.9-dev.


  • Upgrade: Support for API 3.9.0, UI 3.9.0 and CPU engine 1.8.0.

  • Feature: Added /noise/get and /noise/create endpoints to Swagger.

  • Improvement: Updates to images.


  • Improvement: Added “Multi-azimuth requests” to API introduction.


  • Upgrade: Support for API 3.8.10, UI 3.8.8, CPU engine 1.4.3 and GPU engine 1.4.3.

  • Improvement: API documentation included sections which needed additional detail.


  • Improvement: API status light

  • Improvement: LEO planning under Best Site Analysis

  • Improvement: Updated TAK Interface for OG TAK Server

  • Improvement: Added warning about “Line of Sight” model should have knife edge diffraction disabled.

  • Fix: Plane earth loss model is no longer accepted.

  • Feature: Added remaining_calculations_since_last_purchase to my-metrics Swagger UI.

  • Feature: Added sections about new “Import refrence data” functionality in the UI.

  • Feature: Overview of management tools improved.

  • Fix: Removed reference to clutter polylines as this is no longer used in the UI.

  • Fix: Improvements to headings.

  • Improvement: Added details on the edges array which is optional for the bsa endpoint and allows the definition of a bounding box to run a BSA inside.

  • Fix: Load Swagger UI 3.8 by default.

  • Fix: Incorrect version on Swagger UI for 3.7 API.

  • Fix: Correct validation limits for bandwidth and noisefloor.


  • Upgrade: Support for API 3.8, UI 3.8 and GPU Engine 1.3.0.

  • Improvement: Environment menu.


  • Upgrade: Support for API 3.7, UI 3.7 and GPU Engine 1.2.0.

  • Upgrade: Swagger UI updated to v4.15.5.

  • Feature: Added heatmaps/multisite sections to MANET.

  • Feature: Added new /multisite endpoint to Swagger UI.


  • Upgrade: Support for API 3.5, UI 3.6, Sleipnir 1.6.1 and GPU Engine 1.1.0.

  • Feature: Added details on multi-azimuth antennas.

  • Feature: Updated templates section to include new details about system templates, new templates manager, and downloading templates.

  • Fix: Updated the “Account Information” section in line with live and added missing “Custom Map” section.

  • Fix: Removed historic mat value from API reference.


  • Upgrade: Components updated for API 3.3, UI 3.4.2 and Sleipnir 1.6.1.


  • Upgrade: Swagger UI updated to v4.13.0.

  • Feature: Updated Swagger with better layout for “Schema” section.

  • Feature: Added section on system versions.

  • Feature: Updated the overview of the web interface with new screenshot and annotations for both desktop and mobile view.

  • Feature: Consolidation on a number of different sections to make the documentation easier to follow and remove duplicate sections.

  • Feature: New screenshots and icons added to match current systems.

  • Feature: Poor quality or difficult to read screenshots, images and icons have been removed or replaced with higher quality.

  • Feature: Details about “Calculation Adjusted” messages in a response.

  • Feature: /bsa, /my-metrics and /clutter/delete/0 endpoints added to Swagger UI.

  • Feature: Added Terrain_AMSL, Landcover distance, Landcover codes and Landcover heights on /path request in Swagger UI.

  • Feature: Added annotated overview of a number of different menus and tools.

  • Feature: Added “Account Information” and API ready scripts sections.

  • Feature: Minified all images to reduce page size and page load times.

  • Feature: Innovation roadmap extended to current day.

  • Feature: Improvements to a number of different headings to allow for better nesting.

  • Fix: Removed API reference document from Sphinx/ReadTheDocs as was causing confusion. Unique contents from the old reference have been moved to Swagger UI.

  • Fix: Removed “Support Ticket” section on “About Cloud-RF” page as is no longer present.

  • Fix: Broken markdown styling on some icons.

  • Fix: “View Home” details are incorrect.

  • Fix: Updated measured units to list all available units.

  • Fix: Missing or incorrect values/types on /path example response in Swagger UI.

  • Fix: Swagger UI gives incomplete endpoint for retrieving clutter.

  • Fix: Swagger UI updated with engine parameter for /area calculations.

  • Fix: Naming of “Mesh” to “Super Layer” on “Web Interface RF Tools” page.

  • Fix: Clutter section on “Web Interface Map” listing historic management of height data.

  • Fix: Issue on clm in Swagger UI with default values.

  • Fix: Missing fbr option in the output “Schema” section.

  • Fix: Updated noise floor accepted range in Swagger UI.

  • Fix: area value from /area calculation response schema updated in Swagger UI as km2 value is no longer appended.


  • Support for API 2.8, UI 2.7 and Sleipnir 1.5.9.

  • Added component versions to beginning of documentation.

  • Fixed PDF where everything was under a “Contents” heading.

  • Improvements to internal tooling to allow for better standardisation of documentation.


  • Changed to Sphinx “Read the Docs” template.

  • PDF included in documentation.

  • Added search functionaltiy.

  • Added satellite and MANET tools.

  • Consolidated &

  • Added “Import Multiple Points from CSV” section to interface_map.

  • Improvements to internal tooling and processes.