The worst cell site in Scotland?

We've found a contender for the worst cell site in Scotland. Not because it's powered by a Diesel generator drinking at least 3 litres an hour or at the bottom of a narrow winding valley but because the valley is unpopulated - except for sheep.
We were amused to see the cell site had equi-distant panels, two of which were pointing directly into the dense forest either side of the narrow valley so we modelled the site using some 30m DSM and generic parameters (12m height, -100dBm receiver threshold) and the coverage results confirmed the obvious.
On a good day, the cell serves an area less than 8km2 which is a fraction of the 200km2 the cell could serve if it was sited better with the same parameters. It can be considered to be operating at 4% efficiency. The valley has a small country road which passes through it which the cell serves for less than a mile before the signal is lost around the bend.
The steep hill to the north which shields most of the signal has been de-forested on the top and has a superb view of the surrounding area. It would make a much more efficient cell site than the base of the hill but not as lucrative for the land owner because it's owned by the forestry commission. This bizarre planning has parallels with wind farm planning.
If you're ever in Galloway and would like to judge this contender for the worst cell site in Scotland it's off the B736 near Palnackie at latitude 54.896351 longitude -3.872019.