Bramall lane radio network


Pricing for our hosted service is here. If you are looking for an on-premises solution see our products here.


Test in a sandbox
  • Island of Ibiza only
  • 1GHz frequency limit
  • 10km radius limit
  • 100 API calls
  • 1.0 Megapixel resolution
  • Ibiza 3D buildings


£20/ Monthly
£216 / Year (-10%)
  • Global 30m DSM & 2m LiDAR*
  • 100GHz frequency limit
  • 100km radius limit
  • 500 API calls
  • 2.0 Megapixel resolution
  • Global 3D buildings
  • Email support
  • Create super layer (10 sites)


£40/ Monthly
£432 / Year (-10%)
  • Global 30m DSM & 2m LiDAR*
  • 100GHz frequency limit
  • 300km radius limit
  • 5000 API calls
  • 4.0 Megapixel resolution
  • Global 3D buildings
  • Email support +24hr SLA+
  • Create super layer (100 sites)
  • Draw/upload 30 clutter items
  • 2.5GB storage / 2 years


£120/ Monthly
£1296 / Year (-10%)
  • Global 30m DSM & 2m LiDAR*
  • 100GHz frequency limit
  • 300km radius limit
  • 50,000 API calls
  • 6.0 Megapixel resolution
  • Global 3D buildings
  • Priority email support +12hr SLA+
  • Create super layer (1000 sites)
  • Draw/upload 3000 clutter items
  • 25GB storage / 4 years
  • Telephone support +12hr SLA+


  • 3D web interface & Google Earth interface
  • 10 Propagation models inc COST, ITU-R and ITM
  • Path Profile Analysis / Point-to-Point (Ptp)
  • Area analysis / Point-to-multipoint (Ptmp)
  • Best server analysis (Qualify a customer)
  • Super layer (Merge sites to a network layer)
  • Interference analysis (Identify overlap and strongest)
  • Freehand route analysis tool
  • Points analysis / Point-to-n-Points (Ptnp)
  • Settings for transmitter, waveform, feeder, antenna
  • Antenna gain, azimuth, tilt, front-to-back ratio
  • Settings for receiver, antenna, threshold
  • Power inputs as Watts or dBm up to 2MW
  • Measure as dB, dBm, dBuV/m, BER (SNR)
  • Model options for reliability, context and diffraction
  • Custom colour palettes


  • Satellite imagery, mapping and address lookup
  • Largest antenna pattern database on the web
  • 3D antenna pattern generator
  • TIA/EIA-804-B ADF antenna pattern upload
  • Draw or upload clutter as GeoJSON or KML
  • 9 clutter classes from light trees to metal
  • OpenAPI 3.0 specification REST API
  • Data export as KML, KMZ, TIFF, SHP, PNG, URL, HTML
  • GDPR compliant anonymised data storage in EU


  • * LiDAR coverage varies by country and city and is growing on demand. Check our coverage map for the latest coverage
  • + The service level agreement (SLA) is for a first-response time to a support ticket

Billing FAQs

What payments do you accept?

We accept major credit cards, paypal and direct bank transfers. Company purchase orders will be accepted for orders greater than $500.

Will I pay tax and get a VAT invoice?

Yes. Tax is charged at national rates (or by state in the US) and is determined by your billing address which is what will go on your invoice. Our VAT number is 391302319

How do I buy access for 3 months or a year?

Pick your plan and set the monthly quantity to 3, 12, or whatever you need, at the checkout.

If I stop a subscription, will my data be available in 4 years time?

No. We delete old data as per our data retention policy. The time is measured from the last purchase and for most plans is 2 years. If you need your files to be available in many years to come, download them from your archive.

What if I only need this once or twice a month?

We sell credits for on-demand planning without an expiry. Credit features are equivalent to a silver plan. Buy credits

We’re a charity / NGO, can you help?

Contact us from a charity email and we’ll be happy to support a good cause. 

Data FAQs

Where is the LiDAR coverage?

We’ve added LiDAR for several countries (England, Wales, Estonia) and lots of cities (NYC,LA,SF,Berlin,Sydney,Christchurch,Mogadishu, Tashkent, Bhutan..). Check coverage on the map here. If you want LiDAR adding please complete this form. Depending on the license, a charge may apply.

You don’t need LiDAR however to do high resolution urban planning as we have a hybrid solution using 3D buildings.

What 3D building data do you have?

We have good coverage in Europe and the US to 2m accuracy and OK coverage for the rest of the world. The buildings update regularly and we also have a feature to draw your own and upload multiple items as GeoJSON or KML.

What data protection measures do you have?

Your data is stored on dedicated servers in secure data centers in the EU (Germany & Finland). Our GDPR compliant hosting provider has UPS (N+1 redundant) and power from two separate routes. The service does not associate personally identifiable information with your API data / calculations by design. The shop is hosted in another GDPR compliant data center, with another host, for added security. Please contact for further information.


  • Global terrain data is guaranteed up to 60 degrees north with additional data for Alaska, Iceland, Norway and Svalbard islands at 80N.
  • LiDAR data is limited to select cities and countries. You are advised to check the map or contact support
  • 3D building coverage is biased to cities and large towns in Europe and the US. Coverage in other areas may vary.