Pricing summary

Most features are free but for premium calculations like a large site survey, you will need to purchase credits. Register a free account now and you can start planning for free then add credit to perform larger or higher resolution coverage plots. Your credit remains in your account and can be used immediately after purchase or stored so it's ready whenever you or your team might need answers at short notice in the future.
Free500 credits1000 credits2000 credits4000 credits
Path Profile Analysis
Custom antennas
Custom clutter
Radio templates
Global 90m terrain
USA 30m terrainNo
10km coverage (90m res)
10km coverage (30m res)Nox8x16x32x64
20km coverage (Coarse)Nox24x50x100x200
20km coverage (Fine)Nox12x25x50x100
50km coverage (Coarse)Nox10x20x40x80
50km coverage (Fine)Nox4x10x20x40
100km coverage (Coarse)Nox4x10x20x40
200km coverage (V.Coarse)Nox4x10x20x40


One US dollar ($1) buys 100 credits
Dollars per credit = 0.01
Fine is 1200 pixels per degree of latitude (~90m)
Coarse is 600 pixels per degree (~180m)

Free calculations

Small 90m DEM calculations under 10km are free. They're handy for allowing you to test and adjust settings on a small scale before spending money.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.