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Keyhole Radio™ is a unique and powerful RF planning interface, accessed by loading a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) overlay in Google earth. It's ideal for busy organisations already using Google earth as existing data can be overlaid with your RF overlays and the software with supporting terrain data is ready to go so long as a client has Google earth and a network connection.
A Cloud RF user account is required to use the service. Registration is free.

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20MHz to 100GHz frequency range (VHF,UHF,SHF,EHF)
200km maximum radius
Custom antenna radiation patterns
User defined KML clutter layers
Sortable user archive
Receiver threshold
Easy to use sliders

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Download the layer here.

User guide

Keyhole radio documentation.


A selection of video tutorials are here: Video tutorials

Help is available within the interface itself in the top right corner of each tab.

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Offline Keyhole Radio

Companies requiring a private dedicated version of Keyhole Radio can buy and download a pre-built VMware server. Get affordable powerful, scalable planning on your network without installing and maintaining client software and supporting data.
Get in contact for pricing and full specifications.