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Frequently asked questions

Q. I registered but didn't get sent an account
A. Check your spam folder or register again with your correct email address.

Q. When I perform a calculation I get an '8' back from the server. What's wrong?
A. Your receiver sensitivity is out of bounds.

Q. The orange icon isn't in the middle of my Google earth, it’s offset!
A. The calculate icon centres itself where you last clicked on the map

Q. The antenna pattern I want to use isn't listed
A. Create it in a comma separated text file using spreadsheet software then upload it via the
antenna upload form

Q. Where's the templates? The list is empty?
A. Sites (formerly 'templates') are private so only your sites are visible so you must save some before you can use them.

Q. What's the difference between calculations, sites and templates?
A. A calculation is a coverage prediction you have created. A site is a set of saved parameters (with location) you can reuse later and a template is a legacy term which now means site.

Q. I get errors when I use a site that worked for me before?
A. CloudRF is constantly being updated. Occasionally, a change will cause a user site which worked to no longer be compliant with the backend API. To rectify it, just check through the form to see what's new (eg. Receiver gain) and there will be your problem. The system is not entirely backwards compatible and due to strict input validation it can fail when a new feature (eg. Receiver gain) is not present.

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