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Plan Types

We have four plan options: Bronze, Silver, Gold and credits. The metal plans are monthly with no commitment. Credits remain on account until you need them.

If you are just getting started, we recommend the Bronze plan for very good global resolution. But if you need the highest LIDAR resolution data, the Silver plan is for you. The Gold plan is our most popular plan. Heavy use customers will want to take advantage of the Gold plan which includes the fastest support response times, smallest calculation intervals and highest layer resolution.

Our pricing matrix can display units in either the metric or imperial systems. Simply click on the drop-down box [1] to make your selection [2]:

Payment Options

The default payment option is Pay In Advance which allows you to purchase one month of access to Cloud-RF with no recurring fees or subscriptions. You can select a plan when choosing the Pay In Advance payment option.

The Pay as You Go option lets you purchase usage credits that do not expire. This is a great choice for long-term, light usage cases.

We also have the Repeat Subscription option for the monthly plans that lets you set up a recurring payment through Stripe with a saved credit card so you never lose access to the Cloud-RF service when you need it most – normally on a friday!

Placing an Order

When ordering with the Pay In Advance or Pay as You Go options, you will need to add your selections to the Cloud-RF Shopping Cart and then add your billing information during checkout. You can choose either PayPal or any of the other major credit cards via our Stripe payment gateway.

With our Repeat Subscription option, you will be taken directly to our subscription setup.  You only need to order one subscription and it will auto-renew.

And as always, if you have any comments or questions please reach out to us at support@cloudrf.com.

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