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The web interface offers two principle operations: Area coverage calculations and best server calculations, as well as other functions like path profile analysis. All make use of the settings in the nested menus.

Coverage calculation

To create a coverage calculation, enter settings into the form as per the inputs section the click the 'Calculate' button. Your settings will then be validated and if correct, a progress bar will appear whilst the job is processed by the server. The job's duration will vary based upon the radius and resolution. A large calculation with a fine resolution could take several minutes whilst a small 20km calculation with basic resolution will take only a few seconds. Once complete an image overlay and a tower icon will be placed on the map. This layer can be turned on and off via the layer manager in the top right corner and removed with the 'clear map' function. All created calculations exist in your archive and can be recovered at a later date from different interfaces and downloaded in different formats. If you are planning to model an entire network, ensure you enter a consistent and unique value into the 'network' field so you can take advantage of the best server feature (See below).

Best server calculation

The best server feature requires an existing network of 2 or more sites to work with. To use, pick a previous network from the drop down box (list is refreshed when you login so a reload may be required for recent networks) the click the 'Check' button. A request will go the server and a progress bar will appear. It will search around cursor location on the map to find the nearest towers in the network you select. From those towers it will compute the received power and return a list of results. For best server the cursor location represents the receiver location and you can change the receiver height and gain from the form. Changing the transmitter parameters will make no difference as best server will take the parameters from your archive for that network.

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