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The CloudRF web app is the same as the desktop web interface but automatically resizes and changes the elastic interface layout to fit your phone or tablet. It is able to access your GPS location using the latest in HTML5 so you can use it on the go (internet connection required) and unlike the native app it won't bloat your phone or persist after your browser is closed. As well as RF planning, the app makes a handy navigation tool with its fullscreen map, GPS integration and support for multiple co-ordinates.



  • Any iOS/Android/Windows Mobile device post 2015
  • 3G or better internet connection
  • Valid email address (For ordering a plan)


Samsung S4 or greater with a large screen.


To gain access to the interface you must sign up for a plan at with a valid email address. An activation link will be emailed to your address which you will need to login. Your CloudRF account can also be used to authenticate with the Google earth interface, Android app and API.


Authentication is required to control access to the service and ensure a higher and more personal quality of service for all.
When you access the URL you will be challenged for your email address and password. Enter the email address you used to purchase the plan and the password you chose or which was emailed to you. Once logged in, a cookie will be placed on your computer to maintain your session.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email then click 'reset password' on the login page to receive a reset email.

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