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A link budget is a calculation which computes the received power based upon the transmitter, receiver and link parameters. In it's most basic form you add together the gain values at either end and subtract the path loss in the middle. In this example a low power (20dBm / 100mW) base station with a high gain antenna (10dBi) is talking to a mobile user over terrain which has a path loss of 100dB. The mobile user only has a basic dipole antenna (2.14dBi) but is on a hill which gives a height advantage with path loss.

20 + 10 - 100 +2.14 = -67.9dBm = A good link

20 + 10 - 110 +2.14 = -77.9dBm = An OK link

20 + 10 - 140 +2.14 = -107.9dBm = A very weak link

Using link budgets you can identify where you may need to improve your link. This could be through more power, better/higher antennas or for a different path with less loss. As you gain in experience your link budgets will become more complex. A thorough reference for link budgets can be found on Wikipedia.

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