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Trouble shooting

If you encounter a problem with the software you can isolate the cause and quickly identify compatibility issues yourself by opening the pop-up form in a different web browser (by copying the URL) as well as Google earth.

Google earth issues

If you cannot login initially and/or are getting error prompts in Google earth then open up the same ‘network link’ URL in a web browser and see if there are any clues like a server error code (403 forbidden, 404 not found) which wouldn’t be visible in Google earth. If it’s working you will see the same authentication prompt in your web browser as you did in Google earth followed by some KML code. The software is server based so is vulnerable to network issues both on the user’s network and the internet.

IP connectivity to should be proven as part of your fault finding process.

User interface issues

The user interface requires a modern web browser with javascript and cookies enabled. Google chrome is recommended. If the six tabs are not displayed in a horizontal row then you likely have a javascript issue. Press Ctrl-F5 to reload all scripts.

Server issues

Everytime you perform a calculation, the parameters are passed to the server for processing. If for whatever reason the server fails or refuses to process the parameters it will return some output which will be visible beneath the button where the progress bar is. An example of an abnormal server response would be 'Missing key value! 4' which means a required parameter was not present. The numerical code refers to which parameter. If in doubt about an error message contact support.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I registered but didn't get sent an account
A. Check your spam folder or register again with your correct email address.

Q. When I launch the layer, I get asked for a username and password
A. This is the same as your CloudRF account. Enter your username, not email address.

Q. I'm using Linux Google earth but it doesn't work?
A. Adjust the network URL to remove SSL so it reads:
Once the layer has loaded, the pop-up form will need to be opened in an external web browser, otherwise all other functionality is as per windows.

Q. When I perform a calculation I get an '8' back from the server. What's wrong?
A. Your receiver sensitivity is out of bounds.

Q. I want to view path profile analysis but when I press Ctrl-R nothing happens
A. Ensure you have the PPA network link for the correct layer selected then try it or right click it and select refresh.

Q. I have overlapping layers and want to view PPA for a given point for both but can only do one/none?
A. Zoom in to the receiver site then select the PPA network link for each layer you want to examine and refresh it.

Q. The orange icon isn't in the middle of my Google earth, it’s offset!
A. The calculate icon centers itself in the middle of the screen when you are looking straight down at the ground. Adjust your view so you are not looking at the ground at an angle otherwise it will appear offset each time you change view.

Q. The antenna pattern I want to use isn't listed
A. Create it in a comma separated text file using spreadsheet software then upload it via the antenna upload form at

Q. Where's the templates? The list is empty!?
A. Older versions of the software listed all public templates. In the latest version templates are private so only your templates are visible so you must save some before you can use them.

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