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Useful abbreviations

This short list contains the main abbreviations you need to know to do effective RF planning.
TxTransmitter (Device which sends a signal)
RxReceiver (Device which receives a signal)
RFRadio Frequency
ERPEffective Radiated Power
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power (ERP+2.14dB)
GHzGigahertz. Unit of measurement for frequency
KHzKilohertz. Unit of measurement for frequency
MHzMegahertz. Unit of measurement for frequency
WWatts. Units of measurement for power
dBDecibel (ratio).
dBdDecibel dipole (Dipole = 0dBd).
dBiDecibel isotropic (dBd + 2.14).
dBmDecibel milliwatt (0dBm = 1mW).
dBWDecibel milliwatt (0dBw = 1W).
dBuV/mDecibel micro volts per metre.
MEHMinimum Effective Height (wavelength above ground)
VHFVery High Frequency (30-300MHz)
PPAPath Profile Analysis
Pt2PPoint to Point
UHFUltra High Frequency (300-3000MHz)
SHFSuper High Frequency (3-30GHz)
WGS84World Geodetic System 1984 map projection

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