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Drone photogrammetry

Options for terrain data for RF planning are increasing rapidly with the advent of drones. Gone are the days of waiting for the next release of space based Government data like the 2000 space shuttle mission whose coarse yet global SRTM data powers many RF planning tools - including CloudRF. Recently LIDAR is a growing source of data which we're pleased to support but If you don't have access to public LIDAR for your region your other option is to pay a small fortune for a simple file which is just a list of numbers from a commercial company.

Uplink and Downlink

A popular question when modelling GSM / UMTS / TETRA / LTE networks is how can I show the coverage from the mobile subscribers (Uplink)? Showing a tower's coverage (Downlink) is easy but how do you go the other way back to the tower? If you know your equipment capabilities (tower and subscribers) you can calculate link budgets for both the uplink and downlink and then use those values to perform an area prediction. Here's a simple example with the GSM900 band and without some of the other gains and losses which can complicate this for the benefit of novices.


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