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API limits update – 23rd March 2021

Cloud-RF use has increased exponentially in the last 12 months which is great. In order to maintain a consistent quality of service, we’re making adjustments to plan limits to cool peak, and free plan, usage whilst we scale the infrastructure. This work started in early February with the move of the website to a high speed content delivery network. The free plan especially was popular with academic institutes who loved to surprise us by signing up the whole school in the same hour!

These changes are live now (23rd February 2021) in the shop but will not be enforced until the 23rd March 2021 to honour previous plan limits.

GOLD plan

Reduced from 100k to 50k API calls. If you need more please contact support for options including hosted servers.


Reduced from 10k to 5k API calls.


Reduced from 1k to 500 API calls.

Free plan

Removed but communication charities and volunteer groups can request free access. Universities charging students to attend do not qualify.

Any questions or concerns please email