Virtual Machine

Get CloudRF on your network with our turnkey Virtual Machine (VM). The Keyhole Radio VM contains the CloudRF interfaces (Web, Google earth, API, Android) and supporting features like custom clutter, custom antenna patterns, and custom terrain data. The latest version, Keyhole Radio 4, boasts total offline capability without a requirement for internet access if you have a Mapnik tile server. With optional updates, you can synchronise your VM with CloudRF to update yourself to the latest features.

Keyhole Radio v4 flyer (.pdf)


The Cloud is great for business but only when it works. Server failure, network failure and cyber warfare all present genuine threats to availability which are unacceptable for mission critical systems. By placing the VM on your network you take full control of your services.


Eliminate the risk of your data being compromised on a shared server by hosting it yourself. For private or remote customers, the latest system can be taken fully offline with the addition of an open source Mapnik tile server. Even without a Mapnik server the API and Google earth interfaces can still be used on a LAN. To accompany the VM we offer a very affordable Mapnik tile server/VM which will get you up and running with offline OpenStreetMap tiles very quickly.
Add and manage your own user accounts via an administration menu.


With your own server you no longer have to share resources or be bounded by third party hardware. You decide the hardware specification so if you need to plan a smart meter roll-out with hundreds of thousands of sites you can.
As a VM you can snapshot and revert the system to a clean state which could help you quickly reset and clean your test environment when performing large batch operations.


The VM has all the features of CloudRF - except for the online shop. To find out more about what it has explore the various interfaces and reference data. Sample 90m terrain data is included along with scripts to populate your region at 30m or 90m at no cost. Global landcover data is included.

Host requirements

Intel i5 or better CPU (i7 recommended) with 2 or more available cores.

2GB or more (3GB recommended) available memory.

200GB free disk space

Network with DHCP


  • ESXI5.1
  • Fusion 5
  • Fusion 6
  • Workstation 9
  • Workstation 10

Other VM systems may be supported with conversion.


If you'd like quote for a VM please email from your company email address with the following details:

  • How many users/seats you require (Sharing accounts is permitted but not recommended)
  • Support duration required (1 month is included for free)
  • Your hypervisor eg. ESXI
  • Whether you require a mapping server eg. A Mapnik tile server


You can evaluate the VM for free via CloudRF! We synchronise the code from the live system to the VM so the interfaces, documentation and API on CloudRF are the same as the VM - except for the IP address.
Before asking for a VM evaluation, please try the features you're interested in within CloudRF first. If after testing CloudRF you still want a VM evaluation to test it in your environment this can be arranged.