About CloudRF

CloudRF offers on demand professional radio planning software to individuals and organisations who need to know where they can communicate to. It offers many of the features of premium desktop software, only on mobile and web interfaces and with a few key advantages:

  • No installation - everything is server based
  • No laborious setup of reference data - everything is ready
  • No extortionate price tag - great value pay as you go model
  • Free for macro calculations under 10km
  • Clean and intuitive interfaces - simple and to the point


CloudRF was conceived in 2010 as a hobby website about radio planning, Linux and Google maps. It proved extremely popular and the concept was ported to Android as an app 'Cloud RF'. The app enabled the backend web service to grow in scale and it is now a commercial business offering innovative cloud based services for a wide variety of platforms. You can follow progress on twitter at #cloudrfdotcom. CloudRF is an internet trading name of Farrant Consulting Ltd, a UK registered company.

  • First RF coverage mobile app on Android 'Cloud RF' - 2010
  • First interactive Google earth layer (Keyhole Radio) allowing RF planning from within Google earth - 2011
  • Website payment system established - 2011
  • Public antenna pattern database launched - 2011
  • CSV upload for heavy business users - 2012
  • First turnkey radio planning virtual machine - 2013
  • Free Android app 'Keyhole Radio' downloaded 149,000 times - Nov 2013
  • VMware image for sale with app, Google earth plugin and API - Feb 2014

System architecture

The service is powered by dedicated high performance servers running open source planning software. All calculations take place through one of a number of different client apps and interfaces which all direct to a single API which serves RF overlays in a variety of popular formats. On the servers and completed layers are stored afterwards for recovery by users or can be linked in to blogs or projects. The website cloudrf.com is separate to the planning servers.


Who & Where

The business was founded by Alex Farrant, an RF Engineer from the UK who became a software developer as radios went digital.

We're based in the UK, the website is on a global CDN and the planning servers are in Europe. Feel free to contact us anytime of day for support and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.