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Antenna Patterns

The system allows the definition of antenna radiation patterns in both the horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (elevation) planes.
dedicated interface with examples exists for uploading these patterns. To open the antennas interface, click the ‘Add’ hyperlink within the antenna options tab.
The file format accepted is the plaintext .ant pattern format which must contain 720 rows (360 azimuth, 360 elevation) of (negative) numbers representing antenna gain referenced to zero decibels. For an isotropic antenna (100% radiation in all directions) each row of the isotropic.ant files would read -0.0. Most users should find a template to suit their needs and will only need to rotate the antenna by defining the ‘direction’ (grid degrees from north) field.
Another popular antenna pattern format is the .pat format which has 540 rows (360 azimuth, 180 elevation). A script to convert these to .ant format can be found at API/antennas/pat2ant.php

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