RF planning 101

This guide serves as a generic tutorial on RF planning, targeted at beginners and novice equipment users. It will arm you with enough knowledge to use the majority of the features in the various CloudRF interfaces but is by no means comprehensive. RF planning is an art which takes years to master.


Knowing what things mean is half the battle.

Uplink and Downlink

A popular question when modelling GSM / UMTS / TETRA / LTE networks is how can I show the coverage from the mobile subscribers (Uplink)? Showing a tower's coverage (Downlink) is easy but how do you go the other way back to the tower? If you know your equipment capabilities (tower and subscribers) you can calculate link budgets for both the uplink and downlink and then use those values to perform an area prediction. Here's a simple example with the GSM900 band and without some of the other gains and losses which can complicate this for the benefit of novices.


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