The worst cell site in Scotland?

We've found a contender for the worst cell site in Scotland. Not because it's powered by a Diesel generator drinking at least 3 litres an hour or at the bottom of a narrow winding valley but because the valley is unpopulated - except for sheep.
We were amused to see the cell site had equi-distant panels, two of which were pointing directly into the dense forest either side of the narrow valley so we modelled the site using some 30m DSM and generic parameters (12m height, -100dBm receiver threshold) and the coverage results confirmed the obvious.

Drone photogrammetry

Options for terrain data for RF planning are increasing rapidly with the advent of drones. Gone are the days of waiting for the next release of space based Government data like the 2000 space shuttle mission whose coarse yet global SRTM data powers many RF planning tools - including CloudRF. Recently LIDAR is a growing source of data which we're pleased to support but If you don't have access to public LIDAR for your region your other option is to pay a small fortune for a simple file which is just a list of numbers from a commercial company.


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