3D Antenna patterns

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These radiation patterns are all referenced to 0dB peak power and can be sourced from hardware vendors in .msi or .ant format.

Ensure you have permission from the originator to share a pattern before uploading. Unique patterns are identified by their data so you may find your pattern already exists under a different name...

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IDFilenameRowsGain 0°Gain 90°Gain 180°Gain 270°AzimuthElevation
478AV1462-140JA160.ANT3600 dB-7 dB-15 dB-10 dB
477WIH3.ANT7200 dB-2082 dB-2223 dB-1929 dB
476WIH2.ANT720-1490 dB-1123 dB-742 dB-1103 dB
475YAGI.ANT5410 dB-15 dB-20 dB-17 dB
474AM-2G15-120-HPOL-0-120-240.ANT7200 dB-1 dB-5 dB-1 dB
473AM-2G15-120-HPOL-0-120-240.ANT7200 dB-1 dB-5 dB-1 dB
4725962300849P45-00-COPIA.ANT7200 dB-15 dB-27 dB-13 dB
4715962300849M45-00-COPIA.ANT7200 dB-13 dB-32 dB-13 dB
4706861300.ANT7200 dB-19 dB-31 dB-18 dB
465AP-5AC-90-HD-BEAM1-HPOL.ANT720-12 dB-44 dB-43 dB-31 dB
464NSCC5-17H.ANT7200 dB-20 dB-28 dB-20 dB
463NSCC5-17V.ANT7200 dB-21 dB-26 dB-21 dB
462KPPA-3GHZDP90SV11.ANT7200 dB-15 dB-28 dB-16 dB
461RDL1202.ANT3600 dB-8 dB-18 dB-8 dB
460REDLINE90DEG.ANT3600 dB-21 dB-31 dB-24 dB
459REDLINE120DEG.ANT3600 dB-8 dB-18 dB-8 dB
458TL-WA7510N.ANT7200 dB-20 dB-30 dB-22 dB
457TL-WA7510N.ANT7200 dB-20 dB-30 dB-22 dB
456800107340746P4500.ANT7200 dB-18 dB-37 dB-18 dB
454HORN40.ANT7200 dB-41 dB-37 dB-41 dB
452HORN30.ANT7200 dB-37 dB-34 dB-38 dB
4507148000400T00NEGATIVO.ANT720-3.2 dB-0.3 dB-5.3 dB-0.5 dB
449KPPA-3GHZDP90S-45V4.ANT7200 dB-21.7 dB-39.5 dB-22.4 dB
448KPPA-3GHZDP90S-45V4.360.ANT3600 dB-21.7 dB-39.5 dB-22.4 dB
447PMP450-90DEGREESECTOR-V2.ANT5410 dB-19.7 dB-45.7 dB-20.3 dB
446RAJANT-KMA-4800-6-NM-4990.ANT720-0.3 dB-0.8 dB-0.1 dB-0.9 dB
445RAJANT-KMA-4800-6-NM-4980.ANT720-0.5 dB-0.9 dB-0.1 dB-1 dB
444RAJANT-KMA-4800-6-NM-4970.ANT720-0.5 dB-1 dB-0.1 dB-1.1 dB
443RAJANT-KMA-4800-6-NM-4960.ANT720-0.5 dB-1 dB0 dB-1 dB
442RAJANT-KMA-4800-6-NM-4950.ANT720-0.6 dB-1 dB-0.1 dB-1.1 dB
441RAJANT-KMA-5550-6-NM-5750.ANT720-2.1 dB-2.5 dB-2.6 dB-2.5 dB
440RAJANT-KMA-5550-6-NM-5650.ANT720-0.4 dB-0.7 dB-1 dB-0.8 dB
439RAJANT-KMA-5550-6-NM-5550.ANT720-0.8 dB-1.1 dB-1.1 dB-1.3 dB
438RAJANT-KMA-5550-6-NM-5450.ANT720-0.5 dB-1 dB-0.3 dB-0.9 dB
437RAJANT-KMA-5550-6-NM-5350.ANT720-0.2 dB-1.1 dB-1.3 dB-0.9 dB
436RAJANT-KMA-5800-6NM-5830.ANT720-1.4 dB-1 dB-0.2 dB-0.9 dB
435RAJANT-KMA-5800-6NM-5810.ANT720-1.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.4 dB-0.9 dB
434RAJANT-KMA-5800-6NM-5790.ANT720-1.2 dB-1 dB-0.3 dB-0.8 dB
433RAJANT-KMA-5800-6NM-5770.ANT720-1.6 dB-0.7 dB-0.4 dB-1 dB
432TESTER.ANT720-1.5 dB-0.7 dB-0.4 dB-1 dB
431AMO-3G12-VPOL.ANT720-2.3 dB0 dB-2.3 dB0 dB
430NSM3-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-13.2 dB-17.7 dB-15.5 dB
429AMO-5G13-VPOL-FIXED.ANT720-1.2 dB-1.2 dB-1.2 dB-1.2 dB
428K800106512655P4500.ANT7200 dB-22.1 dB-29.3 dB-17.2 dB
427K800106512655P4500.ANT7200 dB-22.1 dB-29.3 dB-17.2 dB
426RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2500.ANT720-0.1 dB0 dB-0.3 dB-0.2 dB
425RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2490.ANT7200 dB-0.1 dB-0.2 dB0 dB
424RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2480.ANT720-0.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.4 dB0 dB
423RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2470.ANT720-0.2 dB-0.4 dB-0.4 dB0 dB
422RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2460.ANT720-0.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.4 dB0 dB
421RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2450.ANT720-0.2 dB-0.3 dB-0.3 dB0 dB
420RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2440.ANT720-0.2 dB-0.4 dB-0.5 dB-0.1 dB
419RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2430.ANT720-0.2 dB-0.3 dB-0.4 dB0 dB
418RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2420.ANT720-0.1 dB-0.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.1 dB
417RAJANT-KMA-2400-5-NM-2410.ANT720-0.4 dB-0.5 dB-0.5 dB-0.1 dB
416MPTEST2.ANT720-0.1 dB-0.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.1 dB
415MPTEST2.ANT720-0.1 dB-0.3 dB-0.4 dB-0.1 dB
414LTE65PSUDOOMNI.ANT7200 dB-2.3 dB-8.8 dB-2.4 dB
413MPTEST1.ANT720-0.7 dB-0.2 dB-0.7 dB-1.6 dB
411NBE-M5-400-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-24.8 dB-25.3 dB-26.2 dB
410NBE-M5-400-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-30.3 dB-34.4 dB-37.9 dB
409AM-M522-45-AC-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-38.4 dB-48.6 dB-39.3 dB
408ANT-2101.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
407ANT-2014.ANT7200 dB-10 dB-60 dB-11 dB
405MA-WE56-DP125.5V-POL.ANT7200 dB-8.5 dB-38.1 dB-8.8 dB
403SP304X-SF2P65LDFD00UHFCB.ANT7200 dB-18.4 dB-27.7 dB-20.1 dB
402HEX658CW0000X-T00-750-RED.ANT720-0.1 dB-1.2 dB-2.3 dB-1.3 dB
401DIPOLE.ANT5410 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
400KAT100.ANT7200 dB-0.3 dB-16.7 dB-18.6 dB
398H-PORT-0-120-240.ANT720-1.4 dB-0.8 dB-7.1 dB-0.9 dB
397HBW52-VBW46-G10-FB20-DT-10.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-29.1 dB-60 dB
396PASSCREEKANTENNA.ANT7200 dB-3.9 dB-11.7 dB-18.9 dB
395160905104816PATTERN.ANT720-22.1 dB-31.3 dB-0.1 dB-30.1 dB
394HG913P-120.ANT7200 dB-10 dB-20.5 dB-8.3 dB
392AD16806V3.ANT720-0.1 dB-2.4 dB-6.3 dB-4.1 dB
385ML-60-30-18.ANT7200 dB-16.2 dB-25.4 dB-15.3 dB
382HBW300-VBW120-G2.15-FB2.15-DT0.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
377150D6-925.ANT7200 dB-3 dB-8.5 dB-3.2 dB
376150D6-937.ANT720-1.4 dB-0.8 dB-6.7 dB-0.9 dB
370OA40-67-DIN.ANT7200 dB-3 dB-10.4 dB-3.2 dB
369OA40-67-T3-DIN.ANT720-0.4 dB-3.4 dB-10.9 dB-3.6 dB
3680-RR-HB-PARABOLIC.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
36700-RR-HB-PARABOLIC.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-33.6 dB-60 dB
36600-RR-LB-DIPOLE.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-37.1 dB-60 dB
36400-HCR-SECTORIAL.ANT7200 dB-17.1 dB-15.4 dB-37.1 dB
3630-BAND-IV-HCR-DIRECTIONAL.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
36200-BAND-III-HCR-DIRECTIONAL.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
36100-LONG-RG-VFH.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-29.9 dB-60 dB
3600-SHORT-RG-VHF.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-30.2 dB-60 dB
35900-LONG-RG-HF.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-29.9 dB-60 dB
3580-SHORT-RG-HF.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-23.5 dB-60 dB
357NBE-M5-19-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-22.7 dB-30.4 dB-24.4 dB
3560-VHF.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-33.6 dB-60 dB
3550-OMNI.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
354HBW14-VBW14-G20-FB44.3-DT0PARABOLIC.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
353PARABOLIC-GRID-REFLECTOR.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
352HBW12-VBW12-G44.3-FB44.3-DT0.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
351SITE9.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
350SITE3ANT.ANT7200 dB-40 dB-39.2 dB-60 dB
348AM-3G18-120-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-12 dB-38.7 dB-12.4 dB
347KPPA-3S3S-65SAV1RIGHT.ANT720-4.7 dB-25.6 dB-21.2 dB-7.4 dB
346KPPA-3S3S-65SAV1LEFT.ANT720-6 dB-5.9 dB-22.3 dB-22.7 dB
344PMP450-SMPATCH-V3.ANT7200 dB-13.2 dB-16.5 dB-14.1 dB
340WBX065X16M0502100T00PD.ANT720-0.1 dB-18 dB-29.1 dB-19 dB
339WBX085X13F400-1900PD-INV.ANT7200 dB-14.1 dB-51.7 dB-13.5 dB
338W65-13-X010-T8-1920PD.ANT7200 dB-18.5 dB-42.8 dB-17.1 dB
337WBX085X13F400-1900PD.ANT7200 dB-14.1 dB-51.7 dB-13.5 dB
336WBX085X13F200-1900PD.ANT7200 dB-12 dB-53.4 dB-14.2 dB
335WBX085X13F200-1900PD.ANT7200 dB-12 dB-53.4 dB-14.2 dB
334COL84-9307DBI.ANT720-0 dB-0 dB-0 dB-0 dB
333774-70-05.ANT720-3.5 dB-0.1 dB-7.3 dB-0.1 dB
332778-70-05.ANT720-3.9 dB0 dB-7.8 dB-0 dB
331778-70-025.ANT720-0.1 dB-2.1 dB-10.5 dB-2.3 dB
330COL811-930720.ANT720-0.1 dB-0.1 dB-0.1 dB-0.1 dB
327HP1059VP.ANT7200 dB-62.6 dB-69 dB-63.7 dB
326AM-M521-60-AC-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-41.6 dB-29.3 dB-41.7 dB
323YH06159.ANT7200 dB-11 dB-11.1 dB-14.6 dB
322YH03159.ANT7200 dB-14.2 dB-18.5 dB-17 dB
321YH04159.ANT7200 dB-16.7 dB-14.2 dB-19.4 dB
320COL54-160155.ANT720-0.7 dB-0.7 dB-0.6 dB-0.6 dB
319COL4.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
318KAT355.ANT720-0 dB0 dB-21.1 dB-18.6 dB
317KAT170B.ANT720-0 dB-13.7 dB-0.7 dB-18.6 dB
316KAT170.ANT720-0 dB-13.7 dB-0.7 dB-18.6 dB
315KAT150.ANT720-0 dB-4.3 dB-7 dB-18.6 dB
314KAT170.ANT720-0 dB-13.7 dB-0.7 dB-18.6 dB
31380010764V01.ANT720-0 dB-21.1 dB-31.9 dB-18.6 dB
31280010764V01.ANT720-0 dB-21.1 dB-31.9 dB-18.6 dB
3117422662100.ANT7200 dB-18.7 dB-34.4 dB-19.6 dB
310739686900.ANT7200 dB-16.3 dB-27.8 dB-19.1 dB
309CNNPX3102100.ANT7200 dB-21.2 dB-33.2 dB-22.5 dB
308CNNPX310900.ANT7200 dB-25.9 dB-43.7 dB-24.1 dB
3077422252100.ANT720-0 dB-18 dB-41.3 dB-19.9 dB
306742225900.ANT7200 dB-18.1 dB-35.1 dB-18.8 dB
3057422132100.ANT7200 dB-18.5 dB-41.3 dB-22.4 dB
304AF5-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-45.7 dB-24.1 dB-47.1 dB
302NBE-M5AC-500-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-44 dB-32.3 dB-40.6 dB
301CC12WB22.5DBIP452.ANT7200 dB-24.2 dB-46.4 dB-28.6 dB
300CC12WB22.5DBIP45.ANT7200 dB-24.2 dB-46.4 dB-28.6 dB
299AM-M522-45-AC-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-40.9 dB-39.5 dB-41.1 dB
298AF-24TX-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-60.5 dB-58.4 dB-62.6 dB
296KATHREIN7312910-120-240.ANT7200 dB-0.7 dB-2.8 dB-0.7 dB
295PANEL.ANT7200 dB-7.1 dB-25.9 dB-7.4 dB
293R2V4PX310R2100.ANT720-0.1 dB-18.7 dB-35.3 dB-23.9 dB
292R2V4PX310R900.ANT7200 dB-18.3 dB-35.2 dB-22.5 dB
28673KAFCC25209V2.ANT7200 dB-14.6 dB-14.6 dB-14.6 dB
284UHFPANEL-24-4X4.ANT720-0.1 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
283UHFPANEL-16-4X4.ANT720-0.1 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
280SLOT-31.ANT720-1 dB-0.1 dB-0.9 dB-0 dB
276SLOT-UHF.ANT720-10 dB-1 dB-9 dB0 dB
275EXAMPLE2.ANT7200 dB-10.3 dB-22.1 dB-10.7 dB
272NSM3-V-POL.ANT7200 dB-30.5 dB-22.6 dB-25.8 dB
271NSM3-H-POL.ANT7200 dB-36.1 dB-26.8 dB-46.7 dB
270AM-M521-60-AC-HPOL2.ANT7200 dB-34 dB-29.6 dB-33.8 dB
269AM-M521-60-AC-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-41.6 dB-29.3 dB-41.7 dB
265PROCOMR7010H.ANT7200 dB-28.8 dB-20.8 dB-25.6 dB
264AM-2G15-120-VPOL.ANT720-0.1 dB-11.1 dB-25.9 dB-13.5 dB
263AG-5G23.ANT7200 dB-23.6 dB-25.1 dB-23.9 dB
257AW3266.ANT720-0.4 dB-16.4 dB-27.6 dB-21.6 dB
256NBE-M5-16-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-19.9 dB-20.2 dB-28.8 dB
245LLPX411F-2.ANT720-0.3 dB-13.6 dB-31.6 dB-15.2 dB
244AM-5G17-90-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-13.8 dB-13.7 dB-13.6 dB
243LLPX310-R.ANT720-0.3 dB-16.1 dB-38.7 dB-18.2 dB
241ALTAIA2.ANT720-25 dB0 dB-25 dB-0.3 dB
240AF5-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-34.5 dB-24.3 dB-35.2 dB
239AMY-9M16-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-26.4 dB-27.1 dB-20.7 dB
238AMY-9M16-HPOL.ANT7200 dB-30.6 dB-26.6 dB-33.9 dB
236HBW360-VBW5-G18-FB25-DT0.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
234A10-868.ANT7200 dB0 dB0 dB0 dB
229K523121-VPOL.ANT7200 dB-18.2 dB-19.3 dB-18.5 dB
228CA5-150VPOL.ANT7200 dB-15.1 dB-14.3 dB-14.9 dB
227K523221VPOL.ANT7200 dB-17.7 dB-21.9 dB-17.8 dB
226K551921VPOL.ANT7200 dB-2 dB-8.4 dB-2.1 dB
225K552921.ANT7200 dB-2.9 dB-8 dB-3.1 dB
224AV1912.ANT7200 dB-2.9 dB-5.4 dB-2.9 dB
223AV1431.ANT720-0.1 dB-3.1 dB-6.1 dB-3.1 dB
222AV1312-2.ANT720-0.6 dB-1.5 dB-7.4 dB-1.5 dB
221CXL2-1LW.ANT720-1.5 dB-2.2 dB-2.4 dB-2.4 dB
219CXL2-3C.ANT720-0.5 dB-0.3 dB-0.3 dB-0.7 dB
218CXL2-1HD-PT.ANT720-0.5 dB-0.3 dB-0.1 dB-0.3 dB
205KATHREIN7312910-120-240.ANT7200 dB-0.7 dB-2.8 dB-0.7 dB
204731291.ANT7200 dB-7.1 dB-25.9 dB-7.4 dB
203LNX-6514DS-VTM.ANT7200 dB-22.2 dB-37.9 dB-20.2 dB
202AM-X-CD-14-65-72505T.ANT7200 dB-22.2 dB-31.3 dB-19.6 dB
201P902130SAI.ANT7200 dB-16.4 dB-33 dB-16.5 dB
200CARLSON8.9DBI600MHZ-LPA.ANT7200 dB-14.6 dB-26.8 dB-15 dB
199CARLSON5.2DBI600MHZ-OMNI.ANT7200 dB-0.6 dB-0 dB-0.7 dB
192TRACKER.ANT7200 dB-17.5 dB-39.1 dB-18.5 dB
191HAIGHFARR2.ANT720-7 dB-5.5 dB-6.1 dB-5 dB
190COBHAM.ANT720-1 dB-1 dB-1 dB-1 dB
186MA-WD62-DP16IFV-PORT-6.ANT720-1.2 dB-18.4 dB-50.6 dB-16.2 dB
185MA-WD62-DP16IFV-PORT-6.4.ANT720-0.1 dB-23 dB-49.8 dB-18.6 dB
184MA-WD62-DP16IFV-PORT-5.7.ANT720-1.6 dB-16 dB-48.5 dB-15.9 dB
183MA-WD62-DP16IFH-PORT-6.ANT720-1.2 dB-29.8 dB-56.4 dB-26.5 dB
182MA-WD62-DP16IFH-PORT-6.4.ANT720-0.2 dB-28.7 dB-62.6 dB-39.5 dB
181MA-WD62-DP16IFH-PORT-5.7.ANT720-1.3 dB-30.1 dB-60.5 dB-28.2 dB
180MA-WD36-DP14IFV-PORT-4.1.ANT720-0.6 dB-15 dB-46.5 dB-14.7 dB
179MA-WD36-DP14IFV-PORT-3.7.ANT720-0.1 dB-14.7 dB-43.3 dB-13.1 dB
178MA-WD36-DP14IFV-PORT-3.3.ANT720-0 dB-15.8 dB-47.3 dB-14.4 dB
177MA-WD36-DP14IFH-PORT-4.1.ANT720-1.2 dB-24.8 dB-40.9 dB-24.8 dB
176MA-WD36-DP14IFH-PORT-3.7.ANT720-0.6 dB-30.2 dB-55.5 dB-21.4 dB
175H-PORT-3.3.ANT720-1.4 dB-35.3 dB-47.8 dB-30.3 dB
172ALTAIA8-EIN19DBI.ANT7200 dB-21.9 dB-43.3 dB-23.3 dB
168MA-WD56-DP16IFV-POLHE-PLANE.6.1.ANT720-1.9 dB-16.7 dB-55 dB-16.2 dB
167MA-WD56-DP16IFV-POLHE-PLANE.5.5.ANT720-1.1 dB-15 dB-55.7 dB-15.6 dB
166MA-WD56-DP16IFV-POLHE-PLANE.4.9.ANT720-1.5 dB-14.7 dB-56.1 dB-15.9 dB
165MA-WD56-DP16IFH-POLHE-PLANE.6.1.ANT720-0.4 dB-32.1 dB-50 dB-30.3 dB
164MA-WD56-DP16IFH-POLHE-PLANE.5.5.ANT720-1.1 dB-26.8 dB-48.5 dB-30.5 dB
163MA-WD56-DP16IFH-POLHE-PLANE.4.9.ANT720-2.3 dB-23.2 dB-42.2 dB-25.1 dB